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Client Services from Solet management

Accommodation Management

Our accommodation management services have been designed to make the accommodation element of relocation a cost effective and flexible answer for relocating staff for short term or project based assignments.

Whether your requirements are for the ongoing management of an existing portfolio of accommodation property or the establishment and management of properties in a new location in the U.K. for a specific project.

Managing multiple tenancies as part of a relocation program can be complicated and expensive. Dealing with suppliers, agents and utility companies can be time consuming and a distraction from your own business.

Our management service can be easily tailored to suit your requirements and budget so you only get the part of the service you feel is suitable for your relocation program.

Short-term and Serviced Accommodation

We have access to a range of short term, and serviced accommodation throughout the UK in all the major cities - allowing us to provide a flexible and cost effective solution to accommodate employees on short term assignments compared to hotels, which are unpopular with employees.

Our Short-term and serviced accommodation options are designed to save our clients time and make relocation budgets last longer, a saving of up to 25% compared to an ordinary double hotel room whilst offering extra space privacy and flexibility for your employees.

Expense Management

Relocation and accommodation management programmes involve a wide variety of costs and charges - both as one-off and on-going costs.

We can facilitate payments of Third Party charges on behalf of our clients, reconciling charges at agreed intervals.

This service alleviates one of the most time consuming and difficult areas of any relocation administration.

Meeting Safety Regulations

As if renting a property is not daunting enough , understanding and acting on the accommodation legislation and regulation can be confusing. There are specific legal obligations on landlords and agents with regard to fire safety for furniture and furnishings, gas supply and appliances.

We perform all the checks on each property we take on your behalf to ensure compliance with all current legislation.

Cleaning Services

We offer our clients a high quality cleaning service for any accommodation that may require cleaning before being handed back ,this ensures that any deposit stoppages are kept to a minimum.

Our cleaning services are used when departing a rental property, or for the regular scheduled cleaning of short-term or managed properties.

Furniture Packages

We maintain furniture stock which can be made available as required for short-term or project based assignees.

Flexible options are available for the selection of the type and quality of furniture that may be required for each property, and options may be tailored to suite a particular need - for cookware or utensils for example.

Once the furnishings have been agreed Solet would manage the acquisition, installation and rotation of the furnishings as they are required.

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