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Additional services from Solet management

We have developed a range of additional support services to help employees ,which can be tailored to your specific requirements. This will ensure that your employees are able to concentrate on their new role saving you time and money and making the relocation experience less stressful on the employee.

Inventory check-in/out

We can provide you with a detailed inventory program supported with digital photographs and full appliance /furniture inspections to ensure that your chosen property complies with all relevant health and safety legislation. As part of this service we can manage all dilapidation claims and recovery of deposits

Our management service can be easily tailored to suit your requirements and budget so you only get the part of the service you feel is suitable for your relocation program.

Familiarisation Tours

Familiarisation tours can be arranged to give an insight into the local area to increase the understanding of the area to new employees. This service will take into account any specific needs or interests, together with the constraints of the clients relocation policy.

Tailored area guides

Our tailored area guides are designed to give a real feel for the new location and explain in detail the new area. This will assist in any relocation and explain some of the facilities that are available in the area, and will reduce the work load on the HR department. Our guides cover most of the information in our familiarisation tours but in a printed version.

Education and School assistance

Solet Ltd is able to give general information regarding schools and education in a chosen area. We can provide assistance with assessing the availability of schools offering a specific national or international curriculum/qualification.

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